Getting Your Real Estate Life Together

EPISODE NINETEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Ross Seligman

January 22, 2021

Ross Seligman is the Real Estate Principal Broker with Living Room Realty, but you may recognize him better as the creator of the Sphere business management system for real estate agents. Ross is passionate about people and real estate.

With years of experience representing buyers and sellers all throughout the Portland Metro Area, he and his team have a proven track record of outstanding, top-level service and results.

Let’s dive in and learn from Ross how he was able to scale several successful businesses while lowering the amount of hours spent on it. 

Tweetable Quotes:

"I have made the client experience to be the number one importance of the team…” Ross Seligman

“I’m as equally into wanting to have more business done, make more money, have more relationships, all of that - as I am about having a life outside of real estate. I want both simultaneously and I believe it’s possible.” - Ross Seligman

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You can connect with Ross on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, to continue the conversation. Also, visit  to learn more about his space in Real Estate.


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