Getting Your Real Estate Life Together

EPISODE SIXTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lettely Foster and Elisa Dieme Erlich

December 11, 2020

Meet Lettely and Elisa, Florida based agents with Hamilton and Associates Real Estate Firm. First meeting in real estate school, they discovered their shared French background, and eventually began working together. With only 3 years in the field, these two ladies who are already making strong connections in the real estate community. In this podcast episode, we talk about how they came to form their business. how real estate school works, utilizing social marketing, and the importance of long term relationships. 


1:00 Lettely’s bio

 2:45 Elisa’s bio

4:23 Real estate school and how it works in Florida

8:35 How connections to prior jobs helped them get other jobs

9:40 Working in funeral real estate and probates and it’s special needs

11:33 Fostering a relationship in funeral without awkwardness

13:19 Elisa on choosing an agency and then choosing to leave

15:30 How a family office, good environment, and room for relationship growth enticed her to join Lettely 

17:57 How they set up working together including how they share leads and communications

22:17 Discussing CRMS and finding one that you actually use

26:42 Managing social media

27:58 Lettely’s experience with a stalker on social media and how it changed how she’s posted

28:41 Social Media Now and how Elisa has her back into Instagram

30:20 How Elisa, a media marketer sets up her page  

32:20 working with a person or automated system with social media and staying responsive 

36:00 Other things they’re doing besides social media including door knocking on bikes

38:37 Using flyer bailouts and using any time to capture media and seek lead generation

40:31 Engaging with international clients

42:56 Importance of building relationships in real estate

45:50 Where to find them

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