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EPISODE SIXTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lettely Foster and Elisa Dieme Erlich

EPISODE SIXTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lettely Foster and Elisa Dieme Erlich

December 11, 2020

Meet Lettely and Elisa, Florida based agents with Hamilton and Associates Real Estate Firm. First meeting in real estate school, they discovered their shared French background, and eventually began working together. With only 3 years in the field, these two ladies who are already making strong connections in the real estate community. In this podcast episode, we talk about how they came to form their business. how real estate school works, utilizing social marketing, and the importance of long term relationships. 


1:00 Lettely’s bio

 2:45 Elisa’s bio

4:23 Real estate school and how it works in Florida

8:35 How connections to prior jobs helped them get other jobs

9:40 Working in funeral real estate and probates and it’s special needs

11:33 Fostering a relationship in funeral without awkwardness

13:19 Elisa on choosing an agency and then choosing to leave

15:30 How a family office, good environment, and room for relationship growth enticed her to join Lettely 

17:57 How they set up working together including how they share leads and communications

22:17 Discussing CRMS and finding one that you actually use

26:42 Managing social media

27:58 Lettely’s experience with a stalker on social media and how it changed how she’s posted

28:41 Social Media Now and how Elisa has her back into Instagram

30:20 How Elisa, a media marketer sets up her page  

32:20 working with a person or automated system with social media and staying responsive 

36:00 Other things they’re doing besides social media including door knocking on bikes

38:37 Using flyer bailouts and using any time to capture media and seek lead generation

40:31 Engaging with international clients

42:56 Importance of building relationships in real estate

45:50 Where to find them

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EPISODE FIFTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Fred & Keeley Mannila

EPISODE FIFTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Fred & Keeley Mannila

November 20, 2020

Meet Fred and Keeley - the husband and wife team behind Bend, Oregon based “Fred Real Estate Group". With over 100 brokers, they’re the largest firm in Central Oregon. Even as a large size group, they are unlike a corporate-run business. They take an intentional approach to creating a company culture that is centered around authenticity and relationships. Staying away from competitive styles of marketing between agents, they put a strong emphasis on creating a collaborative environment. This is also the secret to their success that has led them to 20 years of marriage. On top of that, they have consistently come in at #2 in the Central part of the state. Find out how Fred and Keeley are staying ahead of the curve in this week's podcast episode. 


01:10  How it all began after Fred lost his job in 2001 after the 911 attacks, getting his real estate license in Portland, to eventually leaving corporate real estate and launching Fred Real Estate Group with Keeley.

6:10 Tracey on staying true to yourself and what you do well 

07:49 Keeley on her role with the company as a self-trained marketing lead learning as she went, her background and how these formed their company culture

12:08 Tracey on how real estate company culture has shifted  away from corporate style firms

14:02 Fred and Keeley on how their focus camaraderie leads to a positive, open, and communicative company environment, building better agents

19:38 The reality of the challenges of being a real estate agent

23:46 Tracey and Keeley on coming back to core ethics, keeping it simple with tools and avoiding “shiny object syndrome”

28:36 Tracey on the biggest mistake she made in her real estate career

29:28 The systems Fred Real Estate uses to run their company

31:10 How keeping marketing from being copy/paste generic breaks through to consumers without making it complicated

34:43 Balancing life and company as a married couple with a family after 20 years

36:33 How they met and how their different approaches unite with what they have in common to form a strong family bond

39:26 On putting family first before the company and finding that balance

43:43 On how that balance translates directly back to the culture of communication in the company

45:22 Where to find them online

47:03 Closing thoughts on how having a different model and community



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EPISODE FOURTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lana Rodriguez

EPISODE FOURTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Lana Rodriguez

November 5, 2020

Meet Lana, Colorado-based Realtor® with Keller Williams. Her team is known for their incredible personal touches, including their client appreciation parties. When getting into real estate, she was expecting her first child after moving to the U.S. from her home country of Lithuania. Since then. Lana has made a name from her natural personality and warmth. This has caught the attention not only from fellow real estate agents, like Tracey,  who admire her marketing skill but also her thousands of Tik Tok followers. This episode is filled with Lana’s vivid stories that share her personal experiences as a successful agent. 


1:30 Making the move to Keller Williams and what led to that decision


8:35 Her origin story of leaving Latvia, meeting her husband, and getting into real estate

14:02 Client appreciate parties events as a building of culture and relationship in a company that builds referrals

16:09  Lana tells the story of how she has used Facebook as a CRM

19:36 Creating a persona on social media that matches your company vibe and attracts clients

20:36 How a group sharing pies brought kindness and new referrals and how you can something similar

24:40 Importance of focusing on holiday perks in a year without normalcy, even pizzas!

26:14 How they shifted their approach to appreciation events in next year after Covid

29:23 Experience speaking on Tiktok at the national confection 

35:00 How real estate industry unity serves everyone better

37:34 Introducing her team and how she brought on her first employee 

40:20 What her team looks like now and the future goal

41:05 Her advice for running a team and empowering them for growth

42:17 Some of the roles on her team including in house photo/video and how that role was inspired

45:35 The importance of treating reality as a business

48:23 Where to find her

49:49 Advice on coming from a place of always being willing to learn as a way to be successful and grow. 

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EPISODE THIRTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Breylan Deal-Eriksen

EPISODE THIRTEEN - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Breylan Deal-Eriksen

October 9, 2020

In Lucky episode #13 with Breylan Deal-Eriksen, a residential and principal real estate broker with Windemere Realty Trust.  Breylan has a passion for the community of his clients. In this episode, he tells us about how this shared value brought him to buy into a realty partnership with fellow Windemere broker, Cathy McNaughton. We learn about how this partnership not only helps their businesses collectively but also how it feeds back with community events, gifts and resource sharing for their client community, far after the initial sale is over. 


00: Getting to know Breylan

02:46 How he began working with Cathy McNaughton, eventually buying into a Realty Partnership with her

6:13 Working with administrative assistants and benefits of load split: different kinds of year cycles 

8:15 What he does consistently in marketing social media through “know like and trust" with a focus on positive and funny social media that showcases the personal of what they do

11:45 Their  blog and personal gifts and events that support back to the community

13:00 How they organize collaborations for gifts and parties and how to leverage this 

15:40 Referral based businesses and how you can inspire referrals without directly asking with events

18:20 Breylan’s Pumpkin Patch and how they are making adjustments with their annual events during Covid

19:41  How his accountability group with Cathy keeps them motivated and moving and how they split work

24:00 Benefits they give to their shared clients as a positive of their combined partnership - staying in touch with the person who sold your house will help you as issues come up

27:55 Keeping consistency in marketing and the attention to detail to keep people inspired to see homes

 30:02 Returning to Open Houses during Covid and procedure

32:00 The market of people who are buying as more people can telecommute and inventory challenges 

33:13 The future of foreclosures or sales of necessity coming to market with recession and fires. Keeping up with and supporting clients who’ve gone through hard times as a community member

37:00 Bringing everything back to the positive as a supportive part of communities as Real Estate Agents

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EPISODE TWELVE - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Mikisha Ismail

EPISODE TWELVE - Getting Your Real Estate Life Together with Mikisha Ismail

September 10, 2020

In this episode, we'll be catching up with Portland based realtor and entrepreneur, Mikisha Ismail. This year she made a shift from working as a listing agent to working more with buyers. She also has expanded her passion for real estate and interior design with an accompanying business creating curated interior design boxes, Curate Your Cozy. Today, Tracey and Mikisha speak about the challenges facing local buyers in the current market, expanding her portfolio with Curate Your Cozy, and what its like parenting during Covid. 


2:18 Mikisha talks about her experience moving from working as a listing agent to working with Portland buyers in a challenging market since Covid began 

5:41 Discussing inventory of homes in Portland 

6:23 Working with appraisals

9:45 A story of a recent house flip appraisal

12:15 The discussion on writing a letter for property bids as a buyer

17:16 Finding out more about Curate your Cozy, her side interior design box company

25:00 Choosing who to market the boxes to

32:00 Parenting now in Covid era

41:20 What Mikisha has coming for end of year 

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